Leasing Options

Capital Leases and Installment Payment

When its customers seek to acquire machinery and equipment from manufacturers and dealers, SMFL NY Branch purchases the equipment instead and leases it to the customer. This is the most-common leasing transaction. SMFL NY Branch deals with a wide array of property including IT equipment, industrial machinery and equipment, construction machinery, transportation equipment. We provide leasing strategies tailored to the needs of our customers, taking into account for example, how long they plan to use the equipment. For customers that wish to own the property, we offer installment sales.

FMV Lease(Operating Leases)

Operating Leases are a finance structure where the customer's lease payment is based on the value of the property less its residual value, the amount it is worth at the end of the lease term. In principle, SMFL NY Branch assumes the risk related to the future value of the property. Accordingly, operating leases have the advantage of lower lease payments compared to capital leases. Structuring operating leases in accordance with accounting and tax regulations offers customers effective financial strategies by moving these capital investments off the balance. SMFL NY Branch offers operating leases for various assets like construction machinery equipment, transport equipment and machinery tool equipment.

TRAC Lease (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause)

TRAC Lease is an open ended lease used in the United States exclusively for automobiles and trucks ("motor vehicles"). TRAC is an acronym for "Terminal Rent Adjustment Clause," an arrangement featuring a final rental adjustment on the lease which occurs after the vehicle is removed from service and sold. TRAC leases allow customers to establish the residual value of the vehicle at the beginning of the term. At lease end, customers may purchase the truck for its predetermined TRAC value or return it to SMFL. If returned, and the truck exceeds the predetermined residual value, SMFL will return the net proceeds to the customer. If the value is less, the customer is responsible for the difference. TRAC leases usually offer lower payments than retail finance structures and may have tax benefits as well.

Major Leasing Assets

Construction Machinery Equipment: Excavator, Crane, Wheel Loader, Bulldozer
Transport equipment: Truck, Forklift
Machinery Tool Equipment: Turning Machines, Grinding Machine, Milling Machine, Machining Center
Industry Equipment: Metal Processing Machinery, Mold Injection Equipment, Industrial Robot
IT Equipment: Software, PC, Server